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How To Make Money With Wapka Site with Adiquity | Cpm ad networks | Google Adsense
How To Earn Money In Wapka Site Using Ad(advertising) networks

It easy monetising and earning
cool money using your wapka wapsite
To do this, register at any of
the supported wapka ad-network
listed below.

Adnetworks are companies that will pay you to put some advertisements on your wapka site.
With these ads,you can earn some money.
Let's look at some of these ad-networks briefly.

How To Register and Earn Money with
It's very easy to earn with this company.
If you choose to be a Buzzcity publisher you can goto and
signup as a publisher, then locate Pub ID (publisher ID) in your dashboard and copy the numbers you see there.

After you have copied your publisher ID logon to your wapka admin panel and go to
::Edit Site::

Then input your Pub
ID in the text box and some few details about this ad. This can be anything you'll use to recognize the ad.
Then ads will start showing from here. Addynamo Lots of webmasters here in africa take
Addynamo as their number one ad
network because of quick and easy
Sign up for addynamo by following this link: once you've
done that you'll have to verify your site by placing a simple meta tag code in your site, once you add a site click on verify by
"meta tag" then you"ll be given a small simple code, copy the given code and go back to your wapka site
>>Global settings
>>Headtags, and place the code
inside your headtag and click Ok.
After you have done this, goto your
Addynamo account and click the verify button.
Note: Addynamo won't start showing Live ads almost immediately, it may take
couple of days for ads to start showing fully.
Important: Never click your own ads.

How To Register and Make Money with Adiquity Ads using wapka wapsites
below are the steps for making money with adiquity ad-network
1. Register at
2. After registration and
acceptance to their adnetwork
3. Login to your account
4. Click the Mobile Sites/Apps tab, add your site as shown
5. Fill the form and submit for
approval. Now that you have submitted your site, you will wait for couple of days
for your site to be approve or rejected.
After your site has been approved, follow the instructon below
Setting up adiquity ads for wapka site
1. Navigate to Mobile Sites/Apps page
2. scroll to your site listing and
click the adcode button to get your site ID
3. Login to your wapka CP ->
admin mode -> Edit settings ->
Advertisement -> Manage
4. Under Add new advertisement, click link, then input
your ID u got at step 2 above and save.

How Do I Display The AD? If you’ve been approve by adiquity,
you ready to start displaying their ads.
to do this, Navigate to Edit site -> Advertisement, Select Adiquity from the dropdown list, align(center, left,
right), position, and set visibility of
the adiquity ad, then save.
You should start seeing ads on your
site and start earning. Other ADnetwork like,, etc uses javascript to serve ADS. to implement
their ad, just copy and paste the
javascript to start displaying ads.
Please don’t forget to share your
earning with me, after receiving

How to make money with ads on wapka site. The process in depth

I personally recommends you to go with Adiquity is one of the most high paying service now available. It's used by many peoples so you can trust them.
The tutorial above will help to start showing their ads in you site.
After showing ads on your site, you'll earn some money whenever a visitor or user will click on that advertisement you will get paid certain amount. Don't click on your own ads otherwise you will get banned because it's a means of cheating.
You have to keep running these ads on your site and keep making some money.
After reaching the payout amount or threshold($50), you can cash your money into your bank or any other option available such as paypal depending on the platform you're using.
How Can You Earn More and More Money with your wapka site
with time you'll like to earn more money and there's a way of doing this.

You can display ads in your top and bottom autocontent for max earning. Also you can block wapka buttom ads and add your own to get more out of it(that's illegal though).
I'm sure that you will able to make
money from wapka soon. It may take 1-2 month to earn first single dollar but work harder and you will enjoy steady income soon.

You can also register for two ad-networks and earn money with both. Though i advice you don't do this.

How To Make Money From Wapka Site with Advertising( a quick run-down of the whole process)
everything i have talked about today concerning making some money with wapka site can be compressed into the below steps so you can always refer to the below steps whenever you get confused.

You can Follow This Steps to make money from your wapka site.

1. Go To Edit Site

2. Click On Advertisement

3. Select Advertisement

4. Select Your Modifying (Align,Place
advertisement in front of,Font style)

5. Press Submit Button Note : First add Your Advertising Account Details . You Go to Advertising Panel And
Click Manage advertisements And Click Your Advertiser Link And Type Your
Details And Press Continue Button

Note: Making money is not a one-day process.
1. You need to be hard working
2. You need to have eyes for opportunities. I mean,be able to see and grab opportunities.
3. You need to be dynamic snatching some money from refferal programmes and the rest of them.
4. You need some help. If you can,get an admin. (an active one)
5. One adnetwork might not be enough. So if you can get two ad-networks and make a lot of money from your wapka site!

I'll keep updating this post from time to time.

We'll still look at [b]How to make money from wapka sites using
1. Uc union ad network.

2. Refferal programmes

3. Affiliate programmes.

4. Cpm-ad networks

5. In-text,In-frames ad-networks,etc.

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